Skincare 101



在懷孕期間,大部分孕婦的生理和心理必然出現轉變,各位準媽媽對所有用上皮膚的產品變得更謹慎,因為孕媽媽吃的用的,寶寶都一一全數接收。要做到內外健康最美的孕媽媽,就要慎選護膚品,究竟孕婦應怎樣選護膚品?即看以下5大孕期護膚重點及美容秘訣,讓寶寶與媽媽共同健康成長! 掌握孕期護膚5大重點,DOs &...

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啊!!!面上的眼紋、川字紋、法令紋已經呈現?甚至乎面部開始出現凹陷?輕熟肌(25+) 和 成熟肌(35+)必學的「抗衰老謎底」!只要減慢「端粒」衰老,肌齡就可以永遠保持長春不老,跟GLOWBIOTICS®學習抗衰老課題——端粒。 只要減慢「端粒」,從此再沒有衰老! 到底甚麼是端粒? DNA...

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完美皮膚要具備甚麼條件?沒暗瘡?沒皺紋?未夠!皮膚要又白又亮,才稱得上完美無瑕肌!所以,如果面色暗啞,有色斑,看上去氣息不好又沒精神,今次GLOWBIOTICS®跟大家分享三招擊退面黃,面色暗啞的方法,還有最難對付的色斑難題,都一一解決! 啊!並不是假白沒光澤的方法,而是從肌源亮出來的早晚全...

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Healthy skin is all about balance. You may know the necessity of balance of oil and water, but do you know the balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria is crucial to healthy skin as well? Glowbiotics is an expert of probiotics skincare products. We are the pioneer to incorporate Probiotics Derived Bioactive (PDB) into skincare products. PDB are non-living probiotics fragment obtained from fermentation of specific probiotics species with proven benefits to the skin. Living probiotics are not considered due to their instability and macro-molecular size that true benefit to skin is not well established.

We also precisely select medical grade ingredients, which molecular size are reduced to 600nm or less to facilitate the absorption of active ingredients to the dermal junction for optimal performance. We understand the structure of skin. We know pure hydrophilic molecules are impermeable to the condensed hydro-lipid film. We employ proprietary delivery systems called lipid bio-emulsion to ensure the ingredients are effectively transported to dermal junction without disrupting the outer barrier.

All our products are validated with 4 tests to guarantee the safety and efficacy of our products,

  • C3 Cell Culture Compatibility Testing: determines the cell toxicity of a product
  • MatTek (Human Skin Models): Mimics the characteristics of human skin for accuracy and safety
  • Third Party Validation
  • DNA Microarray Assay Testing: proves that the ingredients is working on a biological and molecular level

Probiotics skincare can treat and correct various skin conditions associated with skin inflammation. For instance, acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, sensitization, etc. We call topical probiotics with proven benefits to skin as ‘beauty bug’. It is clinically proven to have below benefits,

  • promote expression of defending peptides, which can suppress the colonization of ‘bad bacteria’ and boost skin defending mechanism
  • up-regulate the production of key skin constructive proteins, like collagen, elastin, fillagrin and loricrin. This can rebuild the skin barrier and reverse aging signs like wrinkles and sagging
  • increase cells renewal rate, which aids the natural turnover of healthy skin layers
  • increase oxygen consumption of skin cells, which is essential in wound healing
  • Strengthen skin’s surface against environmental threats
  • Enhance skin’s ability to become—and stay—properly hydrated
  • Diminish factors that trigger sensitized, reddened skin
  • Visibly improve signs of dryness, including a tight, uncomfortable feeling
  • Restore a healthy pH balance to skin’s surface

If you haven’t experienced the power of skin probiotics, Glowbiotics is definitely your trustable and reliable partner of your skin. Are you prepared to start your beauty bug skin care routine today? Let’s keep glowing together from now on!