As the pioneer of probiotic skincare, GLOWBIOTICS has created a unique skincare range that targets specific skin conditions including those difficult to treat conditions stemming from hormonal disruptions, inflammatory triggers and microbiome imbalance.

GLOWBIOTICS is 100% committed to being clean, safe and effective and never formulating with parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial dyes, mineral oils, toxic or hormone-disrupting ingredients.

The passion and formulating philosophy started with one of our founders Christine Watson, a two-time cancer survivor, who began to research skincare ingredients. She soon realized very few skincare lines were suited for those with special skin concerns. Her research led to the use of probiotics and other beneficial ingredients to help change the skin without causing harm.

Probiotics, as we refer to them, the "Beauty Bug," are the good bacteria and when the "bad bugs" outnumber the "Beauty Bugs" inflammation is triggered, which can cause everything from breakouts and sensitivity to Rosacea and premature aging. GLOWBIOTICS focuses on reducing inflammation and rebalancing the skin. Scientifically validated clinical testing shows, the probiotics, prebiotics, beneficial botanicals, and smart peptides in GLOWBIOTICS formulations help to restore balance and radiance to the skin, allowing all skin types the ability to glow from the inside out.